Rotary Grazing

I have begun rotating cows and sheep on very sandy soils in zone 8 Texas. In addition to the ways rotational grazing will help the soil, what else can i do to increase organic matter and water holding capacity in these pastures? Are there different techniquesI should be applying to cover short term and long term… Well, adding tree forage […]

Stocking Rates – Cows Per Acre

Hi, if you look around the ranch you will see most of it empty, thousands of acres with only antelope and cute little bunnies hopping around. All of this land is required here to sustain our herd of cattle, and although it may look like tons of wasted space, but in reality, there is a carefully researched and orchestrated plan, […]

Can Grazing Help Mitigate Climate Change?

Grazed and confused? How much can grazing livestock help to mitigate climate change? These are ruminants. Ruminants have specialized stomachs containing microorganisms. This allows them to eat hard-to-digest plants like grass, unlike pigs and chickens. However, these microorganisms also produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. And the more fibrous the ruminants’ diets, the more methane is produced. Ruminants are responsible […]